Digital Marketing Executive / Digital Marketing Assistant Manager

Media / Advertising / Communication

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Digital Marketing Executive / Digital Marketing Assistant Manager


  • Assist in formulating and implementing digital marketing activities in line with the overall digital marketing strategy.
  • Develop, pitch, and oversee digital marketing campaigns for social media.
  • Develop content for social media, product marketing, PR articles, and corporate websites.
  • Manage, monitor, and develop performance reports of all marketing campaigns (internal, events, and social media campaigns).
  • Oversee the team in managing assigned marketing campaigns in their entirety from planning through to tracking and reporting on return on investment.
  • Keep abreast of new and emerging marketing techniques and new channels and align campaigns that reflect them.
  • Develop SEO-friendly content and work with graphic designers to deliver a unique website and achieve SEO-based KPI's.
  • Drafting and enhancing PR articles for corporate branding and blog articles to further enhance website rankings.
  • Creating and publishing videos, ads, posters, and flyers using Canva / Photoshop or any platform
  • Direct and filming of video content.

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